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01 March 2007 @ 03:23 am
2.21Part 1 spoiler (full)  
*flails* sides for 2x21

SOURCE: supernatural tv forums buttt I think you need to login to view, not sure..

Warning: This can SEVERELY spoil your season finale expierience considering it's pretty much the full episode. You've been warned

All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1

Random Scene:

Ava asks Sam what’s happening and Sam says that he only knows one thing and that’s the three of them have something in common. A guy’s voice calls out in the distance asking if anyone is there and Sam comments that maybe there is more than three as he and Ava head in the direction of the voice, and round a corner.

Ext. Ghost Town—Continuous

Sam and Ava find a man standing there in army uniform, clad in desert camo pants and a white T-shirt. He’s name is Jake and he’s in his early twenties. Hovering nearby, is Lily, another twenty-three year old and we get the impression she’s slightly into the Goth look. It’s totally clear that she’s scared shitless.

Sam asks if the two newcomers are alright and Jake’s silent, but its apparent he’s disturbed by it all even as he replies that he thinks he’s okay. Sam introduces himself, as does Jake. They both turn to study Lily and she glares at them suspiciously.

Lily introduces herself to the group and asks where the hell are they—good question if you ask me. And Sam admits they are trying to figure that out—in other words the boy ain’t got a damn clue.

Lily inquires as to how they all got here in the first place, because one minute ago she was in San Diego. Jake tells her that he feel asleep last night in Afghanistan. The others react to his statement as he continues on to say that he definitely thinks he’s AWOL now.

Sam says that he’s going to take a wild guess and ask if both Jake and Lily are twenty-three. Lily is weirded out by the question but nods, as does Jake. Sam goes on to say that they all are and that they all have abilities.

It’s a Supernatural WTF moment! And Sam quickly states that it started over a year ago with headaches. He’s clearly got Lily and Jake’s attention as he says that then you find out you can do things, things that you didn’t even think were possible.

Lily declares that she has no clue what the hell Sam is rambling about, but hey, we all know when that boy gets on a roll, he’s on a roll, and Sam just reveals that he has vision, as in sees things before they happen. Ava chimes in and says she does too.

Lily stares on as Andy who I’m guessing was there earlier, also joins the conversation. He says that he can kind of put thoughts in people’s heads and make them do stuff. He tells them not to worry though because he doesn’t think that it works on all them. Almost as an afterthought, Andy adds that he started practicing and like training his brain by meditating at those posters that are just a blur but if you looked at it hard enough it turns into the space shuttle.

He pauses, giving them all a ‘are you still with me’ look and the group just kind of stares at him as he continues slightly embarrassed this time around. He says its not just thoughts that he can beam out, but images too. Whatever he wants really and ‘boom’ people see it.

Sam nods slowly, digesting the new information. (Can I just say—that would be the power I would want! Damn, Andy---you single? Wait, he lives in the Stonehenge Van…so yeah that answers that question—sorry, okay where was I)

Andy validates his claim by revealing that there was this guy he knew, total dickwad, and he used his power on him. Gay porn—without a single warning for all hours of the day. He smiles proudly as Ava laughs totally won over by the mind controlling stud.

Sam looks over to Jake, who meets his eyes for a second before looking away but the glance is long enough for us to figure out Jake’s got a secret ability too, and one he doesn’t want to talk about.

Sam turns his attention to Lily who shakes her head, angry and bitter at the insinuation. She tells them that’s she’s not part of their little club and Sam tells her its okay. Lily states that it most certainly is not okay because, hell, he has visions and Andy goes all Simon Says give me your wallet and people do. She says that she’d kill for something like that because when she touches people—their hearts stop.

Lily goes on to say that she can barely leave her house. Her life hasn’t improved at all because of some gift so screw the rest of the group because she doesn’t care who they are and what they can do, she just wants to go home.

Jake’s pissed now, and asks if she thinks they don’t want to go home just as bad. Lily takes offense to his tone and tells him not to speak to her like that because she’s not his—

Before the argument can escalate further Sam steps in and tell them enough because like it or not they are all here now and have to deal with. Andy poses the question of who brought them here, and Sam takes a beat ‘cause this ain’t gonna be an easy convo to strike up.

Sam begins by saying that its more of a ‘what’ than a ‘who’ and Ava asks what he means by that. Sam hesitates and Ava prompts him again. Finally, Sam reveals that it’s a demon.

Random Scene:

Dean’s on the phone talking to Ash, and boy is he snapping. He tells Ash that he has to find something, some pattern because they are looking at a three thousand mile haystack here. Ash lowers his voice and reveals that he did find something. Dean’s impatient and asks him what is it.

Ash glances around, paranoid, and states that they can’t talk over this line. Dean states very firmly that he doesn’t have time for this and Ash informs him that he better make time because this—not only pertaining to Sam or to helping Dean find him, but it’s huge. He tells Dean that he has to get there…and now.

Ash hangs up, and Dean stares at the phone in his hand before turning to Bobby and saying that they are going to the Roadhouse.

Ext. Ghost Town—Continuous

It’s later in the conversation and everyone’s agitated. Jake asks in disbelief is Sam really means that they are all soldiers in a demon war that’s going to bring on the Apocalypse. Sam, knowing how crazy it is shrugs it in a well, when you put it like that kind of way and looks at Andy who just turns away. It’s all too much. Sam turns to Ava who gives him the same treatment—they are all uncomfortable and clearly not along for the ride.

Ava says that she’s sorry but psychics and bending spoons is one thing, but demons are something entirely different. Sam says that he knows it sounds crazy and Jake interrupts him saying it don’t just sound it. Stress of the situation is getting to Sam and he states that he doesn’t care what they think. If they are all gathered together it means that its all starting and they have to do something.

Jake says the only thing that he has to do is stay away from wackjobs and he’s heard enough, and he’s better off on his own. He turns the Ava, Lily and Andy and tells them they are too.

Sam tries to stop him, but Jake keeps right on walking, leaving Sam to face the others alone and the looks that scream ‘dude, you’re clinically insane’ aren’t helping. Sam’s scrambling for something to say to make it seem rational.

Ext. Ghost Town—Continuous

Jake turns a corner and sees a one-room school house. In the doorway, there’s a little girl peeking out, their eyes meet for a brief second before the girl ducks back inside.

Ext. Schoolhouse—Day

Sam emerges from the corner, the crew behind him, Andy, Ava, Jake and Lily. There’s a new respect for him on their faces because well, this guy was raised in that whole demon stuff. Sam states that he’s not sure what that thing was but says it looked Acheri—basically a demon that disguises itself as a little girl, but that still doesn’t give them a clue as to where they are.

He looks over at Andy, whose quite pale and Sam asks if he’s still with him. Andy tells Sam to give him a moment ‘cause he’s still working on that whole ‘demons are real’ angle.

Jake’s ready to help, and is looking around the area trying to sort out the puzzle. He states that judging from the school the place they are stuck in has to have been abandoned for at least a century and it would appear no one’s been there since.

Sam agrees and he’s onto a theory. He walks around to the back of the schoolhouse, the others following. He sees the town hall, crowned with a bell engraved with the image of a tree, that’s rare. His eyes narrow as he recognizes that particular beel.

Sam states that he knows where they are—Cold Oak, Massachusetts. Everybody gives him a blank stare and Sam asks if they every heard of Dudleytown only to get a slew of shaking heads. Sam tells them that basically it’s a town so haunted that every resident fled. There’s a few like them, and Cold Oak was one of them. Legends go that demons showed up and killed everyone who didn’t escape—he’s pretty sure that most of them place the date around 1882.

Ava laughs a gallow’s ‘fan-damn-tastic’ laugh and says that’s swell, because at least they’re some place so historical. Lily asks why in the world would the demon put them here and Sam says that’s he’s wondering the same thing.

Lily goes on to say that it doesn’t matter because clearly the only normal, sane thing to do is for them to get the hell out. Sam tells her to hold on because the only way out is miles of woods. She tells him that it sure as hell beats hanging around demons and the crew exchange looks—none of them know what to do.

Sam tells Lily that no one has a clue what’s going on yet and they don’t know how many demons are out there. Jake agrees with Sam and begins to say what they should do, when Lily visibly bristles—get the impression she don’t like Jake all that much.

She informs him not to say ‘we’ because she sure as hell ain’t part of ‘we’ because she has nothing in common with any of them. Sam tries to calm her down and she tells him that he doesn’t know anything, because she accidentally touched her girlfriend.

There’s a beat of silence as the group gets what that all means and Sam says that he’s sorry but Lily rolls it off with a whatever and Sam nods with compassion because really that had to suck.

Lily quietly goes on to say that it’s as if she’s in a nightmare and it just gets worse and worse. Sam isn’t harsh, more worried, when he tells Lily that he’s lost people too and has a brother out there that might be dead, for all he knows. (WHAT????) He goes on to say that everyone’s in bad shape, but the best way for them to get out, is to stick together.

Lily shakes her head, because this is all kinds of messed up and finally resigns with a shrug, her eyes on the ground as she mutters a ‘fine’. Sam’s clearly relived he got through to her.

Random Scene: Dean and Bobby

Bobby states that it’s Cold Oak, and old ghost town in the middle of nowhere. He says that ten years ago, he and a couple of buddies had checked it out because they heard there were demons. Dean asks if they cleaned the place, and Bobby says that the thing is that the town was clean. No sign of demons or that they ever where—it was all just a legend.

Neither of the men know where to take it all from that, and Bobby says that if Sam’s there—and Dean tells him they are going. Bobby and Dean jump in the Impala.

Ext. Ramshackle House—day

Sam and Jake approach the house. Sam tells Jake that they are looking for iron, silver, and salt, in other words, firepower. Jake asks since when is salt considered firepower and Sam tells him it’s a brave new world.

Int. Schoolhouse—Day

Jake and Sam are breaking apart desks, collecting the iron table legs. Sam watches in fascination as Jake yanks the leg off a desk with ease like it was plywood. Jake notices Sam’s staring and is clearly embarrassed as he informs Sam that he’s not Superman or anything and its not that big of a deal.

The boys continue to work and Sam asks/states that Jake was in Afghanistan when his power started. Jake tells Sam that he started getting headaches and then there was an accident. Sam asks what happened and Jake tells him that a guy flipped his jeep on a bad road. The man was pinned underneath and he ran over to help—he lifted the truck off the man like it was nothing.

Jake chances a glance at Sam, gauging his reaction and is relieved with Sam’s just listening, without judgment. Jake goes on to say that everyone told him it was a fluke adrenaline thing, and Sam knowingly states that it happened again. Jake reveals that he bench pressed around 800 pounds, stone calm. He tells Sam that he never told anyone that, because it’s just crazy.

Sam states that crazy is all relative and Jake admits he’s starting to get that. He gathers up a pile of iron, taking a beat, before telling Sam that he really appreciates how he’s doing his best to keep calm considering the situation regardless of how freaked he truly is.

Sam looks ready to deny, but Jake stops him saying that he’s been in some deep crap and he knows that look all over Sam’s face. Sam takes a long beat, nods and then vulnerably reveals that he’s got a big brother who’s always saying how he’s going to look out for him, and it’s going to be okay, just like Sam’s been telling the others.

Sam goes on to say that he doesn’t think he believes it. He knows the size of what’s coming and its bigger than anything he’s ever see, it’s going to get bad and he doesn’t know if—if—

Jake chips in and says what Sam can’t. They might not make it. Sam looks at him, and we know that’s exactly what he’s thinking. Jake assures Sam that it doesn’t matter if he believes it—just that the others do. Sam nods his agreement.

Ext. Ramshackle House—Dusk

Andy and Jake are drawing water from a small well.

Int. Ramshackle House—Continuous

Sam and Ava are fortifying the house. Sam carefully lays down a line of salt around the perimeter of each room. Ava slats the window sills and looks around the room at the rotted wood and cobwebs. She jokes that her horoscope told her not to get out of bed this morning.

Sam gives her a brief, exhausted smile and Ava asks how he’s holding up.

Int. Ramshackle House—Later

Ava tells Sam that he’s so busy fighting who he is, but if he’d give into it, it’d all go much faster for him. He would pick things up like nothing else, and its almost like a switch flips in his brain. She says that she can’t believe that she started out with dreams especially knowing what she can do now.

Sam’s quick on the uptake and is awed as he states she can control demons. Ava tells him that he’s quick and with that she shuts her eyes, black smoke instantly seeping in, coming to kill Sam, he steps back as Ava says that she’s sorry, but it’s over.

Suddenly there’s a loud crack and Ava’s voice is cut off as her neck bends in a totally unnatural way, snapping loudly as Jake breaks her neck, killing her instantly. Her body hits the floor and the smoke escapes, the demon is no longer under her control.

Jakes shaken by what he’s done.

Ext. Edge of the Woods—Night

The Impala pulls over to the side of the road. Dean and Bobby emerge, surveying the woods. Bobby states the rest of the way is on foot and Dean pops open the truck, pulling out two flashlights and tossing one to Bobby. The two men weapon up and Dean says let’s go before the two men head into the shadows.

Ext. Ramshackle House—Night

Sam and Jake are looking out at the ghost town, totally shaken up. Jake holds an iron bar tightly in his grip and Sam says that he thinks they can make it out now. Jake brings up the Acheri demon, and Sam says that it was Ava summoning it, and it shouldn’t be able to come back now that she’s dead.

Jake nods and it’s apparent that killing Ava wasn’t easy for him—at all. Sam says that they should go and starts walking, but Jake just stands there holding the iron bar and says that’s its not going to be ‘we’.

Sam stops, turning to face Jake and it’s a big Uh Oh moment for the Winchester bro. Jake tells him that only one of them is getting out of the town—and he’s sorry. Sam asks what and Jake says that he had a vision, the YED came to him. Sam tries to tell Jake that he can’t listen to the YED, but Jake cuts him off.

He tells Sam that the demon isn’t letting them go. Only one of them and if they don’t play along he’s going to kill them both. He says that he likes Sam, really, he does, but he’s got to do the math and what good is it for both of them to die. If he can get out, get close, he can kill the bastard.

Sam tells him to come with him and they’ll kill it together but Jake narrows his eyes asking how will he know Sam ain’t gonna turn on him. Sam says that he won’t and Jake replies he doesn’t know that.

Sam reaches into his pocket, pulling out a rusty old knife and sets it on the ground. He tells Jack to just come with him, and don’t play into the demon’s hand. Jake nods and sets down the iron bar.

Sam steps closer to him and BAM—Jake throws a single punch that sends Sam flying, enhanced strength here people, and Sam hits the ground hard—like skull rattling force.
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